I am by no means a jewelry designer which is why I send my little beadies off into the world for others to use in their beautiful creations. I wanted to have a small designer gallery so that you could see what becomes of my beads when put in the hands of talented designers!

This page was last updated on 3/4/2012

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This is the bracelet I made in Stephanie Sersich's Spiney Knotted Bracelet class this past weekend at Flame Kissed Beads. For the very first one ever I think it turned out OK :) I'll have to keep practicing!
Another Vicki Perkins piece featuring some ROX (encased crystals). I love this one :) www.victoriaperkinsstudio.com
New pieces by Vicki Perkins of Victoria Perkins Studio. Really lovely stuff. Check it out! THis bracelet features some of my ROLLOS.
Here's a pair of earrings that use the tortoise shell crystals that I make. This pair was made by one of my most favourite customers and I have to say I LOVE them!
Another piece by Kristen Latimer and as soon as I get a website I'll definitely be able to link you to her.
Here's one of my very own! Considering that I'm no jewelry designer I have to say that I totally love this necklace :D A variety of multicolored discs can be moved along the leather cord for a changeable piece. The flower forms the toggle.
This stunning necklace was made by one of my customers for her sister. What a bold and eyecatching piece. These Garden Revivial beads were each 1" in diameter!
Rickie Vogues has the magic touch! Every piece she creates is a work or art and you'd be hard pressed to find more elegant, unique, and truly gorgeous bracelets anywhere.
Another piece by Rickie featuring some Mocha Valencia CHUNKY tabs. I love it!!
This lovely piece was created by Kerry Bogert of Kabs Creative Concepts and shows my Earth Below beads. Thanks Kerry!
Dhea Powers aka Javabead on Ebay is a human dynamo! On top of running one of the coolest groups on Ebay she's a talented jewelry designer.